Diamond Shape

Diamond Shape

Diamond shape is an important factor to consider when buying diamonds. While Rounds are most popular, shapes such as Cushion, Oval or Marquise are great choices.

 Round Diamond Shape

Round Cut Diamonds

The most commonly chosen form, round diamonds have been examined by gemologists more than any other variation. This form recognized for its unprecedented brilliance and fire, this form has excellent light refraction properties. If everything else is the same, round sliced diamonds are more valuable than alternative forms.

 Princess Diamond Shape

Princess Cut Diamond

A square stone with corners of 90 ° C,the form of the princess arrives in1980 in the United States. The most desirable princess diamonds are perfectly square in the form, with variationsin rectangular value.

Asscher Diamond Shape

Asscher Cut Diamonds

This diamond form is introduced in 1902 by the famous Diamond Cutter Joseph ASCHER,uses this diamond forms many same cutting techniques of emerald cutting. With regard to Ascher Diamonds reliesa side, their inclined and cut angles that create a time less look.

 Radiant Diamond Shape

Radiant Cut Diamond

Relatively new to the jewelery industry, radiant diamonds were introduced slightly more than 20 years ago. This unique form is anexceptional hybrid of a traditional round cut and an elegant emerald cut, resulting in a square, closed or rectangular orientation. As the name implies, bright diamonds tend to create a greatand memorableglory.

 Cushion Diamond Shape

Cushion Cut Diamond

Introduced only in the jewelry market in the early 1800s, the cut cushion diamond is rich in diamond. Cut with rounded corners and pages on a square or rectangular shape, it is considered that a lot of beinga vintage version of the round diamond.

 Emerald Diamond Shape

Emerald Cut Diamond

Emerald cutting diamonds are generally rectangular.This typeof diamond differs from beveled and clean angles, this type of diamond is more transparent than other forms often requiring higher clarity standards.

Marquise Diamond Shape

Marquise Cut Diamond

The Marquis Cuphas been renovated to develop specifically for King Louis XIV of France, who wanted a diamond, which simulated Marquise de Pompadours smile. The elongated marquise stone gracefully displayed the extremities for a stimulus in a dramatic way.

Oval Diamond Shape

Oval Cut Diamond

Cut with the same number of facets as a round diamond, an oval shape emits nearly the same level of brilliance and fire. Due to its elongated shape, the oval cut can appear larger than a round diamond of equal carat (weight).

Pear Diamond Shape

Pear Cut Diamond

Exemplary elegance, the shape of the shape ofpear (alsoknown as cracking or lacrimal diamond) is cut to look like a drop of water with a single point and a rounded end. The result is a cross between a round and gear cut.

Heart Diamond Shape

Heart Cut Diamond

The diamond cut on the heart, which is on the name, is also synonymous with love and equivalent affection with an excellent choice for a jubilee ring or engagement ring. One of the most demanding diamond cuts to create requires a heart-shaped stone of high skills and skills of the diamond cutter.

Although the brilliant round-shaped diamond has long been the most popular, many consumers prefer alternative forms, including cushions, ovals and pears, among other things. At USA Diamonds, we offer the most popular diamond forms in our search for diamonds:



It can be difficult to make the distinction between diamond and cubic zirconia.



Diamonds aren’t exactly rare, but they are so deep beneath the surface of the earth that they are hard to get to, which means they cost a lot to mine.


How much are diamonds worth? The price and value of diamonds can soar to millions of dollars, depending on the quality and size of the stone.


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FAQ for Diamond Shape

Which diamond shape is best?

The most popular diamond shape, the round cut was invented through jewelers’ attempts to create a cut with the most facets and shine. Today, more than 75% of the world’s diamonds are cut in the brilliant style. Its 58-facet cut is calibrated according to a precise formula to achieve maximum sparkle.

How do I choose a diamond shape?

You should consider shape when buying a diamond ring because it will affect how the ring looks on your finger. Women with shorter fingers should try on elongated styles such as a pear, oval, or marquise and avoid wide bands that give the illusion of even shorter fingers.

What diamond shape symbolizes?

This shape highlights the clarity of the diamond more than others while also revealing any flaws the stone may have. Accordingly, the diamond symbolizes confidence, efficiency, an open heart and personal clarity.

What is the hardest diamond shape to cut?

Oval, marquise and pear diamond shapes are harder to cut well due to the “bow-tie effect.” With all fancy-cut diamonds, there’s a visible area that sucks light into the center of the stone. While this effect is harder to avoid with these elongated shapes, very well-cut ovals, marquises and pears can be very flattering.

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