About USA Diamonds

About USA Diamonds

USA Diamonds LLC was founded by Yury Kovalenok in the first year of 2021. Today the company provides a full range of jewelry business services.

Jewelry For Every Taste

More than 10,000 wholesale and retail jewelry. We also make custom jewelry.

Yury Kovalenok CEO USA Diamonds

Yury Kovalenok

CEO / Founder

I started this company to make people happy. Happiness is priceless.

The Best Quality Materials

In the production of jewelry, we use only high-quality metals and diamonds.


is the never ending changing story built out of ongoing lasting impressions and collaborations all around the globe,
manifested upon the foundation of proper integrity
“ease of access” to THE absolute economically appropriate choices,
based upon current ongoing rapid over developing world wide standards
of only the finest Jewelry Expectations for
leading industries & visionaries alike willing to raise the expectations to the USA DIAMONDS Standard of indivisible liberty and justice for all Buyers and Sellers for the first time
in tomorrow’s new era on the same page from beginning to end, the only choice in America and across the Word Wide Web
the number one option for Jewelry Education before your future endeavours.

About company USA Diamonds

About History Of USA Diamonds

USA Diamonds is an American company founded in 2021 by the founder of Yury Kovalenok and is an online store selling jewelry and diamonds. In a short time, the company was able to achieve noticeable results. The company began to publish its own magazine USA Diamonds, which covers events related to the diamond industry. Also, USA Diamonds has partnered with RARRA JEWELERS for service repair of jewelry, head quarters located in Dallas Tx. USA DIAMONDS is working in test cooperation with the largest diamond mining companies such as DeBeers and Alrosa. In the near future, the company plans to scale up to the international markets of other countries.

About USA Diamonds Team

Petr Myachin - CMO USA Diamonds

Petr Myachin


Petr is responsible for the marketing promotion of the company and participates in the development of IT solutions.

Kristina Gerber - CHIEF EDITOR Magazine USA Diamonds

Kristina Gerber


Magazine USA Diamonds

Kristina leads Magazine USA Diamonds and is responsible for the timely release of the magazine.

Edgar Arredondo - Expert USA Diamonds

Edgar Arredondo

Expert USA Diamonds

Edgar is an expert for USA Diamonds and leads the company’s sales team.

Jewelry Collection

Magazine USA Diamonds